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"Beh'ouai" (pronounced "bay-way") is informal French slang, an affirmative utterance, common in response to obvious or easy questions; its American English equivalence is "uh-huh" or "um yup".

Beh'ouai's existence in the French parlance is a matter of fact, and goes by unnoticed in everyday conversion, like the breeze that brings the scent of flowers, gathered passing along the riverside.

We strive to provide everything you need to become involved in the Beh'Ouai movement. Services include:

  • In-person events
  • Online activities
  • Audio-visual samples
  • Recommended reading
  • Goods bartering
  • Exclusive fashion statements
  • Steps to create a just & equitable society
  • Gig bookings

Beh'Ouai is a band: Laure Elie (k,v) and Chris Elie-Kramer (g,v) conjure music together. Intuitive sound creation: the transference of universal energy into auditory waves for cranial perception, corporeal enjoyment and asomatous ascension; a fluid, fertile firth, the confluence of the primitive and sophisticated; the cobbling of disparate vibrations into a transmorgraphical whole; an initiation and invitation for the audience to be both spectator and contributor to the proceedings. We call it "cosmic dance music".

The musical, visual, and interactive elements of a Beh'Ouai performance are an expression of this philosophy, every live engagement is a living moment for both the artists and the audience. Relax your body, relax your mind, relax your spirit and channel Beh'Ouai into being, and we will do the same until we are all being Beh'Ouai.

Beh'Ouai is a philosophy: To say "beh'ouai" is to say yes easily, freely, unconditionally. It is an embrace of the possible, plausible and potential; a tacit agreement to accept what life brings your way. Unsure how to proceed among the myriad options life has set at your feet? Simply say "beh'ouai" and go about your day.

Beh'Ouai is a global movement: Every day, more and more people are saying "beh'ouai". Long lines are queueing around virtually every block for the opportunity to be the next to be standing at the front of the line of those queued up to say "beh'ouai". Well, you need to wait no longer1 Say it and it shall be so!

Beh'Ouai is a brand: DIY bootleg merch is now available. Simply grab your favorite permanent marker and write "Beh'Ouai" on whatever tshirt, mug, photo frame or any other physical object is closest at hand. Leave a nickle under your pillow and the merchandising fairy will collect it while you sleep.

Beh'Ouai is a psychic help hotline: Many questions can be answered with "beh'ouai". If you are experiencing questions, we encourage you to ask, so they may be answered by Beh'Ouai. On the night of the next new moon, simply write your questions onto a piece of paper, then (safely) set it on fire. Your answer will arrive on the following full moon, in an unexpected form.

Upcoming Shows

Date Venue With Details
21 Juin, 2024 Magic Flonflon, Niort Super 8 Fete de music
31 Aout, 2024 Fete de Foot, Champdeniers Yarol Fete de Foot

Past Shows

Date Venue With Details
5 Juin, 2024 La P'tite Cafete, Niort Alan Pere & Benjamin Fauges, Crazy Tempo Festival de la Dynamo
11 Juin, 2024 Niort Monsieur Pyl Mardi soiree
5 Avril, 2024 Hypsoline Kitchen Dinner ;)
25 July, 2023 Empty Bottle, Chicago Clickbait, Miniskirt, DJ Alex White, DJ Intel, DJ Natty Ice Last Chicago show before Laure and Krame move to France.
1 July, 2023 Cole's, Chicago Kali Horse, The Bingers Ft. Sharkula
18 June, 2023 Bric-A-Brac Records, Chicago 10th Anniversary
Bric-A-Brac Records.com
6 June, 2023 The Whistler, Chicago Bret Koontz & Truancy Club CHIRP Radio interview
2 June, 2023 Empty Bottle, Chicago The Cowboys, Hozac DJ
17 April, 2023 Empty Bottle, Chicago Miniskirt, Wallplant Lights by SOOP
1 April, 2023 Cole's, Chicago Garst, Fake English, Tim & The Tame
6 March, 2023 California Clipper, Chicago Junegrass
9 December, 2022 Cafe Mustache, Chicago Mrs. Hands, Gearl Grey Ft. Stevie on Guitar
28 November, 2021 Bric-A-Brac Records, Chicago OG Shop Farewell
Laure Elie and Chris Elie-Kramer of Beh'Ouai Photo credit: Sammy Meyer/Beh'Ouai

Ready to say "beh'ouai" to Beh'Ouai?

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à bientôt! ~ beh'ouai